Change on the Rules for May-era Student Visa

Ministers Reverse the Rules for May-era Student Visa Greater London   

Foreign students can now have the right to remain in the UK within 2 years after the completion of their degree. It will allow them to find the job they desire wherein they can apply their learnings, skills, and knowledge. Prime Minister Boris Johnson reversed the rules for student visa made in 2012 by former Home Secretary Theresa May which suggest that overseas students are forced to leave within 4 months after graduation.

The Prime Minister stated that it would help students to unlock their real potential and start a successful career in the UK. On the other hand, the Migration group called Migration Watch stated that the move was a retrograde step. Click here to check out the education side of coaching.

The change in the visa rules is applicable for all foreign students in the UK. Last year, there are about 450,000 students who begin courses with undergraduate level. The new rules will ensure that the students who will study at institutions come with history in upholding immigration checks. In the proposal, there are no limitations when it comes to the type of jobs that students seek, and there is also no cap on numbers.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson promises to encourage and target the best and brightest to live and come and work in global Britain. According to Shreya Swamy, a student from India, the said proposal is a great step forward, but it is a sad day for her since it is too late for helping students who are already in the UK. She has just completed a master’s degree at the University for the Creative Arts in Kent and Surry. She claimed that she struggled a lot with the rule which provided her with 4 months to look for a job. Click here to see the graduates side from trusted coaching Greater London.

She also said that the jobs are not available for international graduates due to lack of experience. She also stated that she has been in a difficult situation in figuring about planning her career in the past few months. She felt helpless and almost regretful studying in the UK because she ends up going back home with an expensive diploma.

Chief Executive of Universities UK Alistair Jarvis welcomed the decision and said that it could benefit the economy of the UK and reinstate the nation as the first choice for study destination. Reports revealed that foreign students provide important positive social outcomes in the UK and contribute about £26bn in the economy. Meanwhile, because of the lack of post-study work, it places a competitive disadvantage on encouraging those students.

Alp Mehmet, the leader of Migration Watch UK, considered the decision as an unwise step that can possibly result in foreign students to stay on stack shelves. He said that their universities had been already attracted a record number of foreign students, so the proposal is no longer need for devaluing a study visa.

Chief Executive of the Institute of Student Employers Stephen Isherwood stated that there is enough time to implement the new rules for those who completed their studies in 2020. Recently, there are more than 450,00 foreign students who are studying in UK universities. Among these, about 2/3 are outside the EU, so it needs a student visa to stay in the country. Moreover, around 170, 000 and 185,000 of the graduates every year, and under recent rules, they still have 4 months on transferring to another visa like work visa or pursue higher learning even more. Click here to see how trusted coaching Greater London helps with businesses.

There are 6,300 people who transferred from student visas to skilled work visas way back in 2018. It suggests that they pay about £20,800 in the first year. It is also a fact that about 40,000 student visas are extended on a yearly basis to imply that a huge number of graduates continue their studies in the United Kingdom.

Diane Abbott, Shadow Home Secretary, implied that the graduates could be able to work here after their graduation. It will allow them to make a great contribution to the universities, economy as well as to research. It can also help them to attract the best and the brightest from all over the world.

Mr Johnson also revealed that they launched a new route for international students to hone their skills and begin their careers in the UK. Britain Greater London has a proud history of being a centre of international alliance.

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