The Foreign Students Can Stay in the UK

The Foreign Students Can Stay in the UK Greater London in 2 Years After Graduation

The foreign students can stay in the UK for about 2 years after they graduate. It is stated in a policy U-turn for post-visa studies. Before, international students can only remain in the UK within 4 months after the completion of their studies under the policy introduced by former Home Secretary Theresa May. See here about how trusted coaching Greater London helps in education.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister had recently announced a new strategy which aims to boost the appeal of Britain as a university destination for foreigner students. With this, the students can still benefit from trusted coaching Greater London, which can help them to get the job that they desire.

In 2021, it is expected that the foreigner students who enrol in postgraduate, undergraduate or PhD courses in the UK can remain in the nation for about 2 years after their graduation. With this, they can still explore the country to help them grow as a person. It will also help them to acquire skills and knowledge to get their dream job in the future.

In the laws of the European Union (EU), the tuition for EU and British students are within £9,250 every year. However, there are no limitations on what schools can charge for international students. The recruitment of foreign students is an essential revenue stream for schools since they can invest huge money amount to market them overseas.

University heads had welcome this move with Chief Executive of Universities UK Alistair Jarvis. He stated that for too long, the deficiency of post-study work opportunities in the UK had placed a competitive drawback in encouraging those students. He added that they welcome the said change in the policy. Thus, it will help them to bring back where they belong as the number one study destination.

On the other hand, Chairman of Migration Watch UK Alp Mehmet stated that this move is a retrograde and unwise step. He claimed that it could possibly lead the foreign graduates to remain on stack shelves like before. He also said that their universities Greater London could attract a record number of foreign students, so it doesn’t need for devaluing a study visa through turning it into a backdoor route for working in the country.

The announcement of Boris Johnson is a reversal of the reforms that was featured by Home Office way back in 2012, as Mrs May scrapped the post-study work visa that enabled the non-EU students to remain in the UK and work about 2 years after they have graduated. Click here to check on how trusted coaching Greater London helps with the business.

Currently, there are around 460,000 foreign university students in the UK which generate about £20 billion every year in education exports that consist income from the foreign students, education technology solutions and English language training which are sold all over the world.

Some reports stated that foreign students who study at UK universities could earn up to 50% more compared to British classmates. Additionally, Math graduates can earn up to £33,100 within 5 years after the completion of their degree. Furthermore, the graduates of Economics can earn about £37, 900 in 5 years compared to British students.

According to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, international students have an essential contribution to their universities and country in both economic and cultural aspects. He added that their universities booms to be open global institutions. The introduction of the graduate route makes sure that their prestigious higher education department will never stop attracting the best talents from all over the world and to global Britain.

It only proves that trusted coaching Greater London can help overseas students to find their dream job and attain a successful career. With this, they can also implement their talents, knowledge, and skills in the best possible way for their personal development and career progress.

The stay of foreign students in the UK for 2 years after graduation is a great opportunity for them to practice their learnings by finding the job that they desire. It can also help them to build strong and long-lasting relationships with the UK people. With the use of more innovative technology, they can perform their specific roles and responsibilities in their specific market or niche that they are associated with. It can help open them with many doors of opportunities that can offer them the highest satisfaction for their dreams.

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